Survey Results

Survey results may be used at both local and state levels to:

  • Understand the specific needs of businesses by location, employment size and industry super sectors.
  • Identify what support can be provided to ensure that businesses fully capitalize on opportunities.
  • Establish and/or confirm economic development strategies and priorities; what does or doesn’t work and what matters.
  • Develop policies based on both quantitative and qualitative data targeted to further improve Oklahoma’s business climate.
  • Develop action plans that support economic development and growth in employment.
  • Provide a baseline for subsequent surveys of Oklahoma executives.

Business Optimism & Business Climate

60% of U.S. business leaders said they were optimistic about the growth of their business in the next six months
Source: Business Optimism Index, Grant Thornton LLP, 2012

  • Oklahoma Ranks #1 for Cost of Living (CNBC, 2011)
  • Oklahoma Ranks 4th for Quality of Life (Business Facilities, 2011)
  • Oklahoma Ranks 6th for Cost of Doing Business (CNBC, 2011)
  • Oklahoma Ranks 24th for Business Friendliness: Litigation & Regulation (CNBC, 2011)
  • Oklahoma Ranks 24th for Access to Capital (CNBC, 2011)
  • Oklahoma Ranks 29th for Business Tax Climate (Tax Foundation, State Business Tax Climate Index Rankings, 2011)
  • Oklahoma Ranks 28th on America’s Top States for Business (CNBC, 2011)
  • Employment Trends, Workforce & Education

    • 28% of national business leaders said their employee base will increase over the first six months of 2012 (Source: Business Optimism Index, Grant Thornton LLP, 2012)
    • 14% of employers plan to hire in Q1, 2012 (Source: Manpower Survey, Wall Street Journal)

    Business Expansion & Infrastructure

    U.S. commercial expansion for 2012 is projected at 3.3%
    Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Department of Commerce; Reed Construction Data

    Oklahoma ranks 35th for Infrastructure & Transportation
    (CNBC, 2011)

    Government Services

    Oklahoma Ranks 24th for Business Friendliness: Litigation & Regulation
    (CNBC, 2011)

    Top 5 Executive Challenges

    The top 5 CEO challenges

    • Business Growth
    • Talent (Acquisition/Retention)
    • Cost Optimization
    • Innovation
    • Government Regulation
    • (The Conference Board, CEO Challenge, 2011)

    Oklahoma ranks 48th for Overall Health Care (obesity, smoking, diabetes, healthcare outcomes)
    (United Health Foundation, 2011)