Survey Participant Comments

  • "I think that we are on the right track. We need to reduce our state income tax, the biggest contributor to inhibiting growth."
  • "I believe the incentives for adding new jobs in the state are a great tool to bring in new employers and make sure we keep the ones we have. I believe income taxes should continue to be reduced, as we do compete with states that have no income tax."
  • "A key is to improve the infrastructure to develop, attract and retain talent. Schools are key. Also the improvements in Tulsa and Oklahoma City downtowns have created a quality of life that attracts college grads versus Texas."
  • "Please research, review and come up with other funding avenues for Oklahoma cities and towns. They are the backbone of this state."
  • "I appreciate the concern for business in Oklahoma. I applaud our governor for the dedication to make things better for all of us."
  • "Encourage business to locate in smaller towns. Support local economic development organizations and chambers with educational programs."
  • "Remember that manufacturing jobs produce several support jobs in the community and state. Everyone downplays the importance of manufacturing because they are "dirty” jobs. Our average hourly rate for our production personnel is more than $20 per hour and our standard work week is 50 hours per week, which means $52,000 per year and more than 30 percent fringe benefits."
  • "We need strong help with workers’ compensation reform."
  • "The state government should enable business to carry out commerce without undue burden. This means providing and maintaining infrastructure, reasonable tort law, regulations and tax code."
  • "I would like to see tax incentives for employers that are Oklahoma owned. You hear a great deal about large companies that come to town based on some type of incentive. They don't usually have a good track record of supporting the local community. We need more companies that are willing to give back to the community in some charitable way. We need to improve the efficiencies in government. We need to drastically overhaul our public education. Our children are not competitive with those of other states and the world."
  • "All states are seeking the same things. To excel, we'll have to be more creative and more business-friendly than the rest."
  • "Thank you for allowing us to participate in this survey. I hope the information provided offers some insight."
  • "Please overhaul the education system so that the children are engaged and see the real world application of their studies. Education is critical to the future of Oklahoma."
  • "It's all well and good to give limited tax incentives to new companies, but what about all of us that have operated businesses for well over 25 years? We are the bread and butter of the state's economy, and deserve an occasional break, as well."

You Made Your Voice Heard

Thousands of business owners and executives provided feedback to the business climate survey — weighing in and giving us the benefit of their understanding as we move forward to strengthen the state's economy and create jobs.

Here's what one of our business leaders said:

I greatly appreciate you asking for the opinions of existing Oklahoma businesses. We have chosen this as our "home" and this recognition of our value, the desire to retain us and help us grow, and provide the tools we need is just as critical to us as those companies that may be recruited to our state. We have a great thing going in Oklahoma, and the state's leadership is working to enhance it even further.

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